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Support Livelihoods and Stop Ocean Plastic

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FREE A4Aviation Ocean Bottle with all orders over 1500 EUR

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David Clark Aviation Headsets at great Prices!

Outstanding Comfort.
Reliable Performance.
Rugged Construction.

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Clouddancers - Indoor and Outdoor, Full and Canopy covers for all Aircraft & Gliders

Quality ! For a reasonable price
Flexible, fast handling and easy to fit
Very robust & thick cotton-synthetic blend

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LXNav Gliding Computers, Variometers, Flight recorders and Flarm products

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f.u.n.k.e. EASA Certified 8.33 Radios and Transponders at low prices

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Travel comfortably at 400 km/h, operate from short grass fields, with low fuel burn - it's called Panthera

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Train PPL and CPL pilots at low operational costs 

certified for

Night VFR, Spins, IFR training, glider and banner towing

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Mountain High Oxygen

Portable Oxygen systems by Mountain High Oxygen

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GOGETAIR - Fly Safe, Comfortable, and in style !
with a big smile on your face

Pipistrel - The Freedom of Flying

Travel at 270 km/h, Glide with a 40:1 glide ratio, Train at the lowest cost

Join the Movement towards a Cleaner Environment - enjoying the Freedom to Fly safe and secure

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Featured Products


Funke Radios

Radios: The Funke ATR833S is funke's entry-level radio and in our opinion the best value for money at this price point.

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David Clark

Quality and Performance

Headset: The David Clark DC ONE-X is the best of the best headsets in noise-canceling headset technology.
Get yours for an unbeatable price of 1,080.00 €

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Traffic View:

TrafficView rec

Trafficview: Be aware of your surroundings with the LXNAV Flarm powermouse Traffic View. View all Flarm and even ADSB aircraft on this great new instrument!

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Canopy Covers:

Clouddancers aircraft Covers

Covers: Protect your aircraft this season with a Clouddancer cover. Available for all aircraft in full and canopy format among others. Get your glider all-weather canopy cover for just 135.00€ plus 35€ shipping. 

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Free Ocean Bottle with order over 1500 EUR

FREE A4Aviation Ocean Bottle with all orders over 1500€


To get your free Ocean Bottle, all you need to do is add whichever colour bottle you fancy to your cart of over 1500€ and the price will automatically be deducted from the total. Help reduce ocean plastic, for free, with A4Aviation!

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