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Here you can find aircraft that we currently have for sale, most of these aircraft are ex demo models and have been used by us for demonstration purposes for new and existing clients.

If we don't have what you are looking for, contact us and we may be able to help you!

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The Virus SW121A, also known as the Explorer is it the most advanced aircraft in its category, it's also the result of over 30 years of Pipistrel’s experience in designing energy-efficient motor-planes. Clean shapes, lowest fuel consumption, minimum noise and power for an outstanding performance. Featuring advanced bizjet touchscreen glass cockpit technology & approved for intentional spins and Night VFR.

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Virus SW121

The Virus SW 121 is the most advanced CS-LSA class airplane with full Type Certificate from EASA! Features dual glass cockpit, full-featured 2-axis digital autopilot, air brakes for enhanced descent and is certified for towing with the optional glider-towing equipment. The certified engine and certified propeller offer excellent performance, short take-off and landing and high cruise speed.

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The Panthera is a unique 4-seater with an attractive design and efficient performance. It has the surfaces of a glider, the design of a modern car, the fun of a light sport aircraft, and the cockpit atmosphere of a very light jet. This aircraft is a PANTHERA Non-TC Factory Finished with a Certified Lycoming IO-540V-V4A5 engine and a Slovenian call sign.

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Velis Electro 8

Velis Electro

The Velis Electro is the world's first electric powered airplane to receive a Type Certificate (EASA.A.573 TCDS). The Velis Electro can be operated commercially and is fully approved for pilot training as well as other operations. With its quietness, the Velis Electro can bring flight training much closer to urban areas without adversely affecting communities’ quality of life.

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