Up to 10% off a new Pipistrel Panthera!

Published September 30, 2020 14:33

Panthera 2020

The Panthera is on the home stretch and the waiting list is growing ever bigger. We have some important information about Panthera orders, in around 1 weeks time the new price list will become current, this new price list ends the current “early adopter” discount and increases the price of the Panthera by approximately 10% depending on the configuration.

If you are considering ordering the Panthera, now is the time. If you order the Panthera from us now, you can still get it at the old pricing which is approx. 10% lower depending on the model. A Panthera ordered today can be delivered in 2022 depending on the model.

We also are offering the new possibility to buy a share in an Aircraft - for example 1/5th of the aircraft - this gives you access to fly the Panthera at a much lower price.

Please contact us before the 6th October to ensure the old pricing!

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